About Us

Raising Rebels is a one-stop, all-inclusive hub for anyone who wants to empower children to challenge limiting and damaging gender stereotypes in the UK.

It all began when we looked online for resources to help us create an environment for our children to understand themselves as equal – and found information that was scattered, fragmented, aimed at older children or not really relevant to growing up in the UK.

We wanted a definitive, inclusive place where people could find resources and support, share what they had learned, and collaborate in creating a more equal future.

It didn’t exist. So we created it.

At Raising Rebels, we believe:

Children shouldn’t be defined, restricted or limited by their gender
Every child deserves to make choices in line with their individual personality, skills and interests
Cultural products – books, toys, TV programmes, clothes – should depict boys and girls in diverse and equal roles
Activities, hobbies and colours are for all children

What do we do?

Our Resource Hub aims to create an unparalleled collection of tools, guides and products.

Our social channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) will share the latest news from across the globe and be a place for our community to unite and gather momentum.

You can create an account with us too, which means you can save a wishlist of your favourite pages and write reviews to guide and inform other rebel raisers.

Our vision is to become the definitive platform in the UK to find the tools and support to empower the next generation of rebels, at home and in the classroom.